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A family of multifunctional unmanned light jet aircrafts: enhance aviation efficiency by using UAV as a false target and for generating radio and infrared interferences train personnel of air defense facilities using UAV as an aerial target perform reconnaissance (visual and radio-technical) in a tactical and operation area ability to […]

Lyubomyr Sabadosh

Lyubomyr Sabadosh Board Member Chairman of the State Space Agency 2015-2016 Experience in space industry: 13 years PhD in Project Management from the National Aerospace University Kharkiv Aviation Institute; Master’s Degree in Economics and Finances His employment at various governmental bodies and production companies helped him gain a valuable experience […]

Yuriy Alekseyev

Yuriy Alekseyev Chairman of the Board Hero of Ukraine, Chairman of the State Space Agency 2005-2009 and 2010-2014 Experience in space industry: 47 years Education: graduated in 1972 from Dnipro University, a mechanical engineer specializing in propulsion systems for flying vehicles. Right after the university, he became employed at Yuzhmash […]


The Center supports and promotes Ukrainian projects that can make a worldwide impact on the space community and are able to solve challenges of the day. We are ready to support an idea of any scope, as we believe that even the smallest project gives opportunities for Ukrainian inventors, scientists […]