Our non-governmental organization is open for private individuals, companies, other NGOs and scientific institutions who are ready to: facilitate and support activities in the space and aviation industry, as well as in the exploration and use of outer space promote the development of Ukrainian space and aviation industries by creating […]

About us

Our aspiration Space Initiatives Center is a non-governmental organization that helps establish a sustainable understanding and effective interactions between state-owned enterprises, scientific institutions, innovative start-ups, government agencies and public institutions that relate to the space industry Our goal We shall do our best to create a favorable environment, and make […]


Multifunctional air-dropped space rocket system: ✧ innovative solution for micro/nano spacecrafts ✧ relatively low-cost payload ✧ spacecraft integration and launch next to a customer ✧ instant mission implementation ✧ any orbit, any application   It offers solutions for: ✧ Universities & educational institutions space experiments from idea to results within […]