Terms of Use

These Terms of Use define the rules of how you can use the materials and services of the Website (hereinafter – ‘Terms’). By accessing or using the Website in any way, you will agree with and abide by these Terms.

1. General Information

1.1. These Terms are a public offer. The Terms apply to all Users of the Site including Users who do not have accounts (Unregistered Users) and to Users with an Account (Registered Users). An account means a set of data about a User and his/her authorization (login, password, etc.)
1.2. Data provided by the User are a subject to Privacy and Data Protection Policies
1.3. This Website is owned and managed by Space Initiatives Center Non-governmental Organization (hereinafter – ‘Administration’), email: info@sic.org.ua.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

2.1. The Website and its contents, including texts, images, graphics, audio and video files (hereinafter – ‘Content’), are the sole property of Space Initiative Center NGO, unless otherwise specified. Copying can be allowed without explicit consent only in case for personal use, not for public or commercial purposes (downloaded files, copies). Changing, translating, modifying or processing of the Content in any way are allowed only with the prior written consent of Space Initiatives Center NGO.
2.2. Any unauthorized or unlawful use of registered trademarks or logos of Space Initiatives Center NGO is not allowed.
2.3. A User that provides any content that contain intellectual property, including but not limited to text, graphics, audio and video products, computer programs, databases, trademarks and service marks, etc., through the communication channels offered by the Website, guarantees that such uploading to the Website, copying and using this information and/or intellectual property contained therein will not violate the rights of third parties.
2.4. By providing information that contains intellectual property, a User grants the Administration the right to these intellectual property objects free of charge, including the rights to reproduce, modify, change and publish objects and information such intellectual property contains.
2.5. The use of the Website does not grant a User any express and implied rights or licenses to use any trademark, copyrights or associated rights, industrial property objects or other intellectual property objects.
2.6. The Website is the subject to copyright of the Administration exclusively, and is protected by the legislation of Ukraine and these Terms.
2.7. Violation of copyright or other intellectual property rights may have legal effects in accordance with civil and/or criminal law.

3. Disclaimer

3.1. This Website may contain hyperlinks to the websites of other organizations and companies. Space Initiatives Center makes no representations or warranties of any kind about unlawful website contents or any other violation of the law on the websites of third parties.
3.2. The information contained in this Website has been collected and verified in a diligent manner. However, Space Initiatives Center NGO makes no warranties in any kind about its accuracy, completeness and/or quality.
3.3. A User is solely responsible for any consequences of using this Website and downloading its data. Space Initiatives Center NGO is not liable for any damage, particularly damages caused to data files, hardware and/or software of the User as a result of the Website use.

4. Website User

4.1. The User agrees not to take any actions that may be considered as violation of the Ukrainian legislation or international law, including laws on intellectual property, copyrights or associated rights, and any actions that may cause or lead to malfunctions of this Website and its services.
4.2. A User is not allowed to:
4.2.1. create more than one personal accounts on the Website, if in fact they belong to the same individual
4.2.2. share his or her account and/or provide an private account login and password to third parties
4.2.3. use any computer program for data collection on the Website
4.2.4. use any software, algorithm or electronic system or perform other activities that may interfere with the Website operation or generate excessive overload
4.2.5. perform unlawful collection, processing, storage or distribution of other Users’ personal data
4.2.6. try to access an account and/or login and password of another User in any way, including but not limited to fraud, abuse of trust, or guess a login and password.
4.3. A User is solely responsible for any use of the information provided on the Website, including third parties for his or her actions or failures to act while using the Website.
4.4. Unless a User proves the contrary, any action with the use of his or her account and/or his or her username and password are perceived to be performed by this User.
4.5. In case of violation of these Terms, the Administration has the right to block the User’s access to the Website and/or to delete his or her account without prior notice.

5. Website Administration

5.1. Given ongoing changes in technologies and legal provisions, the Administration is obliged to regularly modify and/or update these Terms of Use. In this regard, the User should check this page each time he or she visits the Website. The last update was made in September 2018.
5.2. Inactivity of the Website as a result of violation of these Terms by a User does not deprive the Administration of its right to take further relevant actions to protect its interests and copyrights on the Website materials, which are protected in accordance with the legislation and these Terms.
5.3. The site is provided ‘As it is’. The Administration does not guarantee that the Website meets the purposes and expectations of the User, its consistent and failure-free operation, as well as the security of the User’s account and the information posted by the User on the Website.
5.4. In order to improve Website performance and to receiving answers to his or her queries, the User may contact the Administration by means of communication channels offered by the Website.

6. Other issues

6.1. The use of the materials and services of the Website, as well as the relations between the Administration and a User as a result of his or her use of the Website, are governed by the law of Ukraine and these Terms.
6.2. Each party agrees that the respective courts of Ukraine have exclusive jurisdiction over any claims, disputes, or disagreements concerning the Website Terms of Use.
6.3. The case when the Court makes a decision that a certain provision of the Terms is invalid does not make other provisions of the Terms invalid.