A family of multifunctional unmanned light jet aircrafts:

  • Mini-Reisenhance aviation efficiency by using UAV as a false target and for generating radio and infrared interferences
  • train personnel of air defense facilities using UAV as an aerial target
  • perform reconnaissance (visual and radio-technical) in a tactical and operation area
  • ability to perform highly accurate attacks on UAVs and RPAVs of potential adversaries

It offers viable solutions for:

  • Air Force
  • State Border ServiceMini-Reis
  • Air Force educational institutions

UAV usage:

  • single use with potential self-destruction
  • multiple use – returning and parachute landing on inflatable shock absorbers

UAV base variants:

  • air – external loads on a mother aircraft and air-based control station
  • land – stationary and mobile on vehicle chassis with a land-based control station
  • sea – with a ship-based control station

UAV launch variants:

  • Mini-Reisair-launched from external load sling of a mother aircraft
  • jet-propelled from a launch container
  • from a stationary or mobile pneumatic catapult