About us

Our aspiration

Space Initiatives Center is a non-governmental organization that helps establish a sustainable understanding and effective interactions between state-owned enterprises, scientific institutions, innovative start-ups, government agencies and public institutions that relate to the space industry

Our goal

We shall do our best to create a favorable environment, and make space projects and innovative ideas go life using potent industrial and scientific capacities of Ukraine, thus contribute to the development of its highly-competitive, efficient and effective aerospace industry.

Our understanding

By developing advanced and unique space technologies and building effective public-private partnership, we can achieve a large-scale technological advancement for Ukraine across various sectors of its economy. Successes in innovations and technological maturity of a state determine its security and independence, as well as well-being of its people.

What we do

  • provide a scientific and organizational support to innovative projects
  • facilitate in searching for funds on space projects
  • prepare applications for Ukrainian companies and individuals to participate in international programs
  • submit proposals on national space policies and programs
  • initiate and participate in the development of laws and regulations
  • offer an open platform for public discussions

Who we are

Yuriy Alekseyev

Chairman of the Board
Hero of Ukraine
Chairman of the State Space Agency 2005-2009 and 2010-2014

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Lyubomyr Sabadosh

Board Member
Chairman of the State Space Agency 2015-2016

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Volodymyr Usov

Board Member
Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine 2020

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