MALVA Project at Paris – Le Bourget Air Show’19

Today is the last day of 53rd International Paris – Le Bourget Air Show that is organized in the French capital every two years. MALVA Project is presented at the stand of YUZHMASH who is the key partner, a developer and a manufacturer of a light airdropped launch vehicle.

ZENIT-1NL (Nano-Launch) is designed on the basis of the world-know ZENIT rocket family. Its lift-off weight would be 14,5 tons, and payload to sun-synchronous orbits and low-earth, near-equatorial orbits would be up to 100 and 220 kilos respectively.

This space rocket system is intended for deployment of nano- and micro- satellites in any, desired by a customer orbit. Other than relatively low payload launch costs, its core advantages are very short ready-to-launch time, and that payload installation is performed in close proximity to a customer.

At the Show, potential customers and partners are able to see a 1:7 scale rocket mock-up. The conducted meetings have proved a high worldwide demand for a fast and cheap access to near-earth orbits for nano- and micro-satellites and for the technological solutions to the problem of space launches from densely populated areas. The Center plans to complete the development in 2021. Due to reliable partnership with YUZHMASH, Antonov, Kyiv Radio Plant and Kyiv Polytechnic University this goal will be achieved!